Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Benefits Of This Powerful Nootropic

lion's mane mushroom

Used for centuries in ancient Chinese culture, lion’s mane Mushroom is celebrated for it’s medicinal and nutritional value. In the western world, we’re finally catching on to the craze – so let’s take a look at why has this shaggy mushroom has become the latest superstar.   Lion’s mane mushroom is most commonly found throughout Asia, […]

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3 Best Online Background Remover Tool

background eraser

If you have ever tried removing an unflattering object or background from a photo, you know how painstaking it is. From free apps that promise but don’t deliver to overly complicated software that demand years of practice, it’s a challenge, indeed. Luckily, there are a few applications developed to fill this gap that provide you […]

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What is Organic Sitelinks? Extended Results on SERPs

organic sitelinks

The organic sitelinks are the additional hyperlinks to the website subpages that appears under the Google search results listing. The idea of the sitelinks extension are to make user-friendly result and helps users to navigate the site to the most popular and related pages or links within the website listed.

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Know Your Index Status Before Ranking on Google/SERP

index status and search engine result pages

A web page that is visible in search results is a consequence of page indexed by google in its search engine results processed through search engine algorithm.

The index status helps to identify an indexing trend or any problems with your site if you are struggling to get your pages listed in SERPs.

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What is a CDN? Impact on SEO and Website Performance

content delivery network

A CDN (Content delivery network or content distribution network) is a network of servers located in different locations. The CDN network stores your website files to ensure that the user surfing your web page can receive the copy from the nearest possible server for fast execution.

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