What is Organic Sitelinks? Extended Results on SERPs

organic sitelinks

The organic sitelinks are the additional hyperlinks to the website subpages that appears under the Google search results listing. The idea of the sitelinks extension are to make user-friendly result and helps users to navigate the site to the most popular and related pages or links within the website listed.

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Know Your Index Status Before Ranking on Google/SERP

index status and search engine result pages

A web page that is visible in search results is a consequence of page indexed by google in its search engine results processed through search engine algorithm.

The index status helps to identify an indexing trend or any problems with your site if you are struggling to get your pages listed in SERPs.

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What is a CDN? Impact on SEO and Website Performance

content delivery network

A CDN (Content delivery network or content distribution network) is a network of servers located in different locations. The CDN network stores your website files to ensure that the user surfing your web page can receive the copy from the nearest possible server for fast execution.

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Google Sandbox in Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

google sandbox effect

The sandbox effect also known as aging delay in search engine optimization, is a hypothetical belief in SEO market that Google has a filter that places all new website under restriction for a certain amount of time to limit them from ranking their keywords in search results.

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What is White Hat SEO Technique?

white hat seo technique

White hat SEO technique in search engine optimization process is a practice of implementing optimization strategies that mainly focus on a human audience rather than search engine robotics mechanism and optimize the site in order to improve real clientele behavior under search engine guidelines, facts, rules and policies.

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What is Click Through Rate (CTR) in Search Analytics?

what is ctr?

In analytical term, click through rate is a measurement of a total number of clicks against the total number of an impression. More the clicks mean more users drive to the website and a high chance of business conversion.

It is a machine learning user metrics to understand a scope to convert your traffic into the business goal and hence is one of the main factors to consider during data analytic and taka a reference for further optimization and changed strategy.

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