Content Strategy and Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

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In SEO industry, every SEO practitioner says that quality content is a key to Google Ranking and Content is the King. Everybody took content so seriously that content creation has been one of the biggest challenges for any online business now. Not only because of hype about content but the type of audience and their individual preferences.

Depending upon the content building strategy, creating in-depth quality content on the basis of keyword research and something readable plus useful content for users could be a best practice. The major search engines like google are focused on creating the best possible user experience, stated on latest update “Rankbrain” and so relevant and rich content is always considered more visibility through ranking.

Consider some these points for your content building strategy:

Knowing your audience is a core part of your content strategy. If you know your readers, then you can develop your content as per their preferences and hence the potential of your business conversion will be higher. Find your targeted audience, research on their preferences, identifying keywords that users type for with keyword research techniques and improve over time with your consistent content development.

Consistency builds trust and boosts your online credibility. Users look forward to varied content on your page and again new, updated content every time they revisited. More in-depth and useful content you produce, more you’ll have an opportunity of your keywords to rank for. Develop content on regular basis and incorporate different elements in content such as text, images, videos, podcasts, infographics etc.

Optimize your content with other SEO factors like title tags, meta description, header tags, alt tags, captions, rich snippet etc. Don’t over-optimize your content with overstuffing of keywords, rather use synonyms and LSI keywords for detailed structure and in-depth content. Integrate social share platform to reach more audience and drive more traffic to the website.

Consider remarketing concept for your content strategy on individual pages. Pitch through an attractive banner, offers, freebies and call to action on every level of the sales funnel. Know your top landing pages, improve with content structure/layout with actionable information and improve the chance for more conversion.

Use analytics to understand user behavior for your content and identify scope to improve your content section. Consider user metrics like number or users, overall session, bounce rate, times on the site, returning visitors, users flow, drop-offs, social interactions, engagement etc. Don’t miss search analytics for impression, clicks and CTR for different pages too.

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