Domain Authority (DA) – A Reflection of SEO

domain authority and seo

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain authority is a mathematical metric based on age, popularity and size of a website to identify the probability and potential for search engine ranking. Created by Moz, the value of domain authority lies between 1 to 100, 1 being the worst and 100 being the best case scenario for search engine results. Hence, higher the domain authority results in higher search engine ranking and DA is considered as one of the very important ranking factors for Google. If you look at the same idea for individual pages, then it is referred as Page Authority (PA).


How to Calculate Domain Authority?

As a creator, Moz offers a free domain authority checker with one of its services. You can submit your website link and get your latest DA score for your website. Though you can find many extensions and DA checker provided by different third party service providers.

Click here to check your DA score:


How DA impacts on Search Engine Ranking?

To understand the impacts of DA on your search engine ranking, scan you competitor’s website. Acknowledging all other rankings signals of google, the site with higher domain authority is likely to rank higher in SERP {Search Engine Results Page} than one with lower DA value for your keywords. So if you DA score is improving with your SEO campaign then you can evaluate you overall SEO campaign is on the right track.


How to Grow Domain Authority?

As being one of the ranking signals for search results, it is high recommended to grow you DA value for the success of your online marketing efforts. If you are missing the following strategies for your campaign, then now it’s time to grab an opportunity to improve your DA score.

  • Inspect all technical, on-site and off-site factors for page
  • Focus on consistency and quality content updates for your site
  • Improve your link building campaign with high PR and trusted site
  • Be more active on social media cross promotion
  • Add additional content to the page, Blogging is the best practice and upgrade your site and navigation structure
  • Always perform a white hat SEO techniques


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