What is White Hat SEO Technique?

white hat seo technique

White hat SEO technique in search engine optimization process is a practice of implementing optimization strategies that mainly focus on a human audience rather than search engine robotics mechanism and optimize the site in order to improve real clientele behavior under search engine guidelines, facts, rules and policies.

It refers to the statement “Google is Anti-SEO” and hence discard any exploitative and descriptive methods to improve keywords ranking in search results. So the idea of white hat SEO tactics is to promote a website without any tricks or black hat SEO techniques to facilitate users queries.

The white hat SEO routine should consider all google’s optimization guidelines, googles updates so far, penalties checklists and the foundation of google core algorithm.

If you are optimizing your site naturally and not pushing hard enough to manipulate results to grow your site over time, then for sure you are under control with white hat SEO optimization approach. Though here are some points to consider if you are looking for some ideas with white hat SEO procedures:

  • Using relevant title tags and description meta description as per the in-depth quality content.
  • Implementing keyword research techniques like applying LSI to develop content than keyword stuffing.
  • A good navigation practice to drive any user to corresponding pages.
  • Using different elements like text, video, images as a part of the content and optimize individually.
  • Accounting user metrics data for optimization including bounce rate, average time spent, new/returning visitors, overall session and traffic pattern from various sources.
  • Deploying call to action button rather than using push sales, pop-ups and advertisement above the fold
  • Not trying to fool your site visitors with exploitative methods.
  • Focusing on all channel from where a user can drive to the website such as direct traffic sources, organic traffic sources, referrals and social media accounts .
  • Applying organic link building strategies to all pages and working on natural variation than focusing on a single page or homepage and a single keyword for that page.

As google is so focused on its users and exact match relevant results for their queries, application of white hat techniques will always add value to your keywords ranking and overall website performance avoiding any risk whenever google came up with new updates.

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